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Edelbrock carb wont stay running

Im not expecting any miriacles,but 9 or 10 MPG would be nice. Nick 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Starts but won't stay running! Any way to tell if its the carb? Its a new 4 barrel Edelbrock. The problem with an over-sized carb is not "too much gas. Sbc 350 won't stay running unless throttle is pumped continuously When these things didn't work I was told i needed a carb rebuild. I got it fired up with some carb cleaner sprayed in the throttle body. However, that did not solve the cough. car starts easy, but won't hold an idle & dies out 17 answers. DD i used a motor cycle jack to lower my tank, worked perfect. It has a pertronix ignition and edelbrock 750 cfm carb. good strong running carbs once you get them dialed in Dear Diary discusses the carburettor From the Jensen FF Mk1 sales literature regarding the carburettor: “Carter 4 barrel carburetor with automatic thermostatically controlled chock. starts great, runs great. The first section, this one, is a FAQ type of section, and contains general carburetor and performance information. 3 chevy p/u wont start unless i spray starting fluid and wont stay running unless i keep spraying it in the carb. I designed this adapter with the carbs spread apart enough to be able to use the Holley 94 style carbs. The manifold was changed to an Edelbrock unit made for the 2V engines, to support a 4 barrel carb. It will start but shut off after 5-10 seconds of running. My car wont run unless I pump the accelerator it wont idle or stay at a certain rpm. The Edelbrock headers look and fit nice as well. 1988 Wrangler won't idle Wrangler Car Forums . Welcome to th e AFB/Edelbrock rebuild guide. gas strait to the carb or starting fluid will get it to kick over but it will die immediately unless you start playing with the throttle to keep it running. I changed/downgraded the primary needle and jet to a recommended one by RPI Engineering (i think) but still coud not get it running smoothly, and gave up on it until now. Replaced the intake manifold with a Edelbrock Performer 2101 during the rebuild. Need help on the carb, holley, edelbrock, demon? The Edelbrock E-Force Stage 1 Street Supercharger Kit w/ Tuner (05-09 GT) is a complete kit so you don't need to do anything or get anything on top of what already comes with the kit. and the bowl is filling, either the jets are clogged or you have not adjusted the screws out to the proper settings to allow fuel to flow. These modifications aren't Sometimes if there are outside problems such as bad misfires, exhaust leaks, or any other situation that could cause poor readings on the O2 sensor, the system will try to compensate in order to keep the car running. and it didnt like running when cold. I looked up how to clean the edelbrock carb and followed the directions to the tee. I have the same carb on my mud truck, you also probably want to buy a cheap vacumn gage and make sure first thing that you don't have any vacumn leaks or open ports on your carb. to the question it has an electric choke on 350 small block. Large capacity paper element air cleaner” Photo of engine from the offside. Here's what worked for me, on the cheap (which is my religion). If this happens it alters the fuel map in ways that may not be optimal for proper running the engine normally. I set this guide up in four sections. To order, call 888-799-1135 or contact your favorite Edelbrock Dealer! A 103mm throttle body and high-flow intake system coupled with an 8-rib belt drive is the foundation of this system. It's all in your carb adjustment. • Fuel Tank Mounting Low. FLOODING (OVERFLOWING) Fuel overflowing from the carburetor may be caused by a number of issues: (1) Float/fuel valve incorrectly adjusted (2) Defective fuel valve (3) Defective float (4) Excessive fuel pressure I have a 302 Ford engine in my houseboat that will start with "fast start" juice but won't stay running. It will start vut then dies n does t wanna start back up until it The engine is from a running 1975 Ranchero, and nothing was done to the engine but freshening up the gaskets and dress up. • Fuel Solenoid. Assuming you have a well matched carb size to engine size: I am not familiar with edelbrock carbs, but for many other carbs, the main jets are not 'adjustable' in the carb, but rather are a fixed size and need to removed and replace with different size if necessary - you may need to go to smaller jets. Hopefully it will run well. called edelbrock and set the float height. Carburetor Problems and Solutions. The new carb was very easy for me tune, idles nice and seems to have made a real nice improvement in the low end of the motor. Failure Table #9. That drain (bottom of carb) is attached to a brass tube, in the float bowl, which allows 'excessively high' levels of fuel to drain away, keeping the carb from overflowing into the enginethe float itself has a metal tang, which bears upon the 'spring tip' of the float valve-you can bend this tang, 'VERY SLIGHTLY', to effect a small change, to raise or lower the fuel level, in the float bowl. float may be stuck in the closed position or if carburetor equipped with a electric shut off/solenoid it could be faulty/stuck/bad connection. Racers especially need to stay on top of the fuel/air ratio entering their dirt bike's carburetor to ensure optimum performance. I get it to start but it will not stay at idle. its always ran great. When I turn the key it starts right up, runs for about 2 seconds then shuts off unless I rev it up. Manufacturers like Mikuni, Keihin and S & S sell original equipment and aftermarket carburetors for numerous motorcycles. So I sent Edelbrock a Email about the internals. While Chevrolet Performance makes a popular 4 barrel intake (part #25534394), it is our friends at Edelbrock who offer the widest and most popular selections of carb-ready LS intake manifolds on the market today for LSX engines. An edelbrock is a good carb for run of the mill out of the box running if you don't know how or care to tune a carb for your engine. The only difference it made was at part throttle. Upon connecting the wire to a power source, the car does stay running, but runs extremely poorly as the choke flap never really opens up past about 5* when the thermostat has opened up. I have 408w and i'm running lows 12's @ altitude (Denver). I’ve been reluctant to contact a tuner until I purchase headers and a fuel system, so I’m still running Edelbrock’s stock calibration. I rebuilt my edelbrock 1406 Second, make sure the linkage is not binding or getting stuck. sbc 350 wont stay running. $ 99. Fuel, AED, Willy's, or Summit Racing; or 4-5 psi for Edelbrock or Jet. So we finally launch and as soon as I put it in gear, it stalls again. Today I would like to focus on the Edelbrock Performer 1406 with electric choke. Something easy to find used that I can put a kit in and wont break the bank. My 4. (i do not have a choke) i had an exhaust leak from the driverside header so i tightend the header and now it wont run. The edelbrock website has a very good how to section about tuning. This is a popular carb for the small block Ford and is the trickiest Performer carb to tune. Figure 6 4. Gasket #1932. Can someone give me some approximate settings for an Edelbrock quicksilver carb on an uncorked XR650R for riding in the Dumont Dunes, CA Specifacally what needle do I need to run and how many clicks. How should it run, its an edelbrock rpm performer intake, a 750 carb. By Dobie - 5 Years Ago: I run an Edelbrock 500 cfm Performer on my 292. Because the covers were taller, I had to remove the EGR valve and bend a new fuel line. Only at www. Yesterday at the launch ramp, it would start up and then stall within 2-3 seconds. It ran rich and at a high idle. Adjusting idle screws seem to have no effect. First, they do not have a Spark Control Valve (looks like a power valve). thats about it other then retarded the Buttoned everything back together. A vacuum advance should be tuned in a running engine while you're setting timing. Re: Mercruiser 4. With the 19E needle, 21 clicks to the right, and about 10 spins on the idle adjustment, the bike would start, idle, and I was able to give it gas without it dying every time. If you decide you want the Edelbrock 1406, it will bolt right up to your stock intake. I stay away from Auto Part store rebuilds, most are more trouble then they are worth. I've been running Edelbrock for years with zero issues. Numerous factors can throw a motorcycle carburetor out of tune. Want Answer 0. Me and thousands of others have been running all types of mechanical pumps on Edelbrock carbs. I just love that carb. I just replaced the carb on my 1986 Chevy k20 from an Edelbrock 1910 to a 1406. Stay logged in. Thanks - Gregg Suyenaga, Edelbrock Tech Dept. You might be able to snag a decent used edelbrock intake for $75-100. But even if that was the case it would explain the engine not starting on carb spray with good spark. SOURCE: 90 chevy k1500 350 tbi fuel problem starts but wont stay running try bypassing the oil pressure switch on the back of the block behind the distributor, if there oil pressure switch goes bad it will do this. I've got at fresh rebuilt 327 with PBM Thunder heads (World Products S/R), Performer intake, and an Edelbrock 1405 600cfm carb. the setup was all wrong. I got down the road about a mile and entered into the freeway. However, if you did want to modify this kit considering it is a complete kit, that would be a combination of talking with Edelbrock themselves and whoever your What kind of carb are you running? Make sure your timing is set correctly first and all ignition parts are in good working condition. Jets and metering rods are out of the box stock. When starting the car after having the carb off or drained of fuel, have a helper spray Gumout carb cleaner to keep it running, otherwise it may lean out and backfire. Engine won't idle. . jegs. Find Summit Racing® Velocity-Stack Style 4-Barrel Air Cleaners SUM-G3029 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Add a nostalgic look to your engine bay with our Summit® polished aluminum velocity-stack-style air cleaners. Third Generation F-Body Message Boards. I read endlessly about CV carb coughs. What is the most likely problem? I don’t want to buy a kit if I can help it. please and thank you in advance In other words, adjusting an Edelbrock 1406 carburetor requires no prior knowledge of carburetors. I used it to replace my old Rochester 4bbl. I do know of some running tuber Buells and they also disconnect the pump. She runs like a top going down the road, good idle, oil pressure and plenty of torque/pwr. that said go looking for a aftermarket efi set up insted. I was wondering if the demon would pick me up any ET? I've read many dislikes on the forum about the demon, and many likes for the Holley. ok, i have an 86 f 150, 300ci 4. Nevertheless, nothing automotive lasts forever. 72 chevy 350, edlebrock 1501 carb. the transfer case has the front bearing out wont stay in four wheel drive u have to hold the shifter in for four wheel drive . any ideas? i feel like i have tried everything. I found that the main jet had fallen out. The problem is the venturis will be too large for the air flow that small motor will generate. Engine ran and idles in shop . i just took the idle screw out and so now at cold starts i have to give it gas myself or else it will turn off but once its warmed up it runs at idle. but it wont stay idle the plug wires are on correctly, what else could it be? would it matter that its running straight headers? could it be the idle mixture screws? I've got a 1970 coupe with a 302, Edelbrock 1405 carb, Edelbrock performer intake, hooker headers and stock points/condenser system. The truck should fire right up but after sitting for a few days (or maybe longer) the float bowl in the carburetor is empty. For your 302, a 600 or 650 double pumper or vacuum carb will all work fine. Was able to get the pig running, and stay running somewhat. I'm starting to wonder if maybe someone put a 140 degree thermostat in the car hoping to get some sort of performance gain out of it. To me that is a signal that there is a vacuum leak somewhere, or the internal circuits in the carb aren't drawing fuel through the idle circuit. Idled really high, faster than what it normally so This quick walk-through will get your Holley carb up and running with a perfect idle in no time. Don't know what kind of distributor you're running though, and I don't know if that's considered a large cam for a 460, but I'm betting Modded my edelbrock for bowthru using the marine accelarator pump, TQ grafted floats, and the larger needle and seats as recommended. Have more questions? Submit. When all these things are considered the correct size and series of carb can be chosen and optimum efficiency will be obtained. The engine runs great but I've got the typical problem that many others have with the car not wanting to start after getting it hot and trying to crank it after sitting for 10 or 15 minutes. I finally traced down the power source porblem, and the carb is running fine now. If it wont stay in its got a whole. View frequently asked questions by category to find topics relevant to your products. Its not just a little drip but every opening on the carb is gushing with fuel. gmc c7000 carburetor. The secondary on the carb is not opening up for some reason? When I un-hook the throttle cable and open up throttle the secondary is not opening up? When running and when not running? The carb was re-built two years ago. 4. AN ADVANTAGE OF THE WEBER CARBURETOR IS ITS EASE OF ADJUSTMENT AND TUNING. ended up spending about 5 hours screwing with the damn thing and just couldn't get it running right. #1 Dirt/metal shavings between the needle and seat or a "sticking float": To correct either of these problems, lightly tap the carburetor fuel inlet area with the handle of a screwdriver. Performer EPS and a remanufactured Edelbrock 1406. I was able to locate a link that addresses the issue very thoroughly. ive checked for vacuum leaks twice by using water as im lacking carb cleaner. Just a daily driver type carberator with simplicity and quality. I screwed up when I first installed the spacer and used RTV, so it whistled like a jet engine. its been sitting for awhile, and when i start it it idles fine for a minute or so and then dies. Before you attempt a carburetor restoration it is recommended that you  Fuel Filter, Restricted. 2 liter engines came with a rather lowsy carter bbd carburetor which of goes out fo adjustment. Are you in the market for a new Carburetor for your Small Block Ford? If so you might be interested in this carburetor from Edelbrock, this Edelbrock carburetor is ideal for 289 and 302 engines due to the 600 CFM. now running a merc454 with mpi(MEFI1 ecm) was running sweet with no problems but once something goes you need to be einstein to fix. This just happened. Chris The Doc Ingrassia. i have a question about a 1813 thunder series avs carb i purchased in 2007 . help!!! I knew the dimensions were the same as was the throttle bores,acc pump size etc. hi nice tech tip ,. It starts! But won't stay running. ya i should check my vacuum lines and stuff. You know, one of those that gets you while low-speed turning. com. it was running fine when i shut i So I cleaned it And I sprayed Starting fluid in the the edelbrock carb and cleaned it a bit. Also, Edelbrock’s response time to questions and customer service have been outstanding. OK guys this car is driving me nuts! I am getting fuel to the carb, but no fuel into the intake. In simple terms jetting your dirt bike's carburetor is determining the proper air-to-fuel ratio the engine receives. It seems to have no power at 2000 or less rpm as well. A. Got the accelerator pump working when I pull off the bowl, but I'm not seeming to get fuel to squirt into the actual body of the carb. What's wrong with my carb? I ran about half a can of carb cleaner through the carburetor with the engine running and then went for a drive. My 82 winnie with a 350 chevy and rochester quadrabog that is always running rich hard to start when warm, and has loaded up and caused a stall in a low speed turn comming off and off ramp. the issue i am having is i have a 1968 charger with a 383 engine stroked to 500 cu in. Unless someone add one somewhere then I cant really think of any other one to check. So, I took the carb off again and pulled the plug to adjust the pilot screw. I've tuned a hundred Carter AFB / Edelbrock 1405 manual choke carbs and they are a breeze. Easy to adjust, and for the most part, will run fine right out of the box. If you have a too-small carb, even at wide-open throttle, you will have manifold vacuum. it will stay running after a minute or so playing with the There is a huge selection of LSX Carb Intakes on the market today. 7 sbc with a Edelbrock 1409. I replaced the timing chain with a edelbrock one, installed a edelbrock 4 barrel intake and 600 cfm carb (from a stock 2 barrel intake/carb). If I increase the curb idle to where it will stay running it is way to high rpm. stay at 55-60 mph---and you will get the best mileage--- 90cc · cougar 150 wont stay running · carb problems? repair manual for meerkat kazuma 50cc · Taotao Model ATA-110-B CHAIN · D8REA Spark Plug. Curing Quadrajet Carb Woes--Here Are Some Interesting 21st Century Fixes For Your 20th Century Rochester Carburetor - Super Chevy Magazine An Inside Look at the New Edelbrock AVS2 Carburetor Engine already has an edelbrock 4b carb and performer intake. How to Adjust a Carburetor. It had an oil leak so i began putting new valve cover gaskets, and then New Valve Covers(Edelbrock). Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. 5 SD1 V8 about a year ago now and never got it running correctly. Once started i have to keep "blipping" the throttle to keep it running if i dont Depending upon if you have a regular carb or a smog carb, your adjustment can be lean when screwing in (normal) or rich going in (smog style). Edelbrock running too rich,can't fix. Engine wanting to run after shut off cam in it. it is a mild built 350 with a edelbrock 1405 carb With help from the tech experts at Summit Racing, we’re sharing some typical cures to the new carb blues. (especially for the prices you sometimes see quoted) A word to the wise, if you do get a rebuilt carb from any source, always keep your current carb, don't turn it in as a "core" until you are sure you have a replacement unit that works well. Now if you are getting fuel to carb. I've had the carb for about 15+ years. Does your stock Harley cough and spit through the carb, especially when you pull away from a traffic light? I have a 85 bko. ATA125-D Owners Manual. TAOTAO ATA125D MANUAL. If you have a spreadbore style intake manifold, you will need an adapter to install this carburetor. My questions: The sales pitch - if the carb needs rebuilding, we can probably help you with a rebuilding kit. 460 ford. Running a drilled slide back to back with an undrilled slide didn't show up a noticeable improvement in bottom end response either. A pressure drop of more than 1 psi under these conditions indicates an issue with the fuel delivery system. Usually when the accelerator pump is having issues , it will display a few symptoms that can alert the driver that there may be a problem that 1966 Baracuda, has a totally rebuilt 318 with 340 heads and a 340 HiPo camshaft, edelbrock 500 cfm carb ( my opinion, a little small), dual exhaust and "H" pipe,with factory manifolds and I think edelbrock intake, also has been converted to newer style distributor and ecu electronic ignition and new coil, not sure if running resistor, regapped Summit racing sent us four of the most popular off-road carburetors including a Holley 750-cfm, a brand-new model Holley Street Avenger 670-cfm, an Edelbrock Performer 750-cfm, and an Edelbrock Q If you have an edelbrock carb, remove the top of the carb, flip it over and there you have em! 2 floats! should be about 5/16 from the top of the carb i believe Mower will start but wont stay Thanks again, just wanted to give an update. It will idle for a couple seconds and then die. com offers select, high quality The Edelbrock carburetor is one of the simplest carburetors to adjust. I have a 302 with after market heads (RHS), RPM Performer Intake, and a Edelbrock 1405 600cfm carburetor. A CV carburetor (Constant Velocity) incorporates a vacuum operated slide that varies the venturi size within the carburetor, thus maintaining a constant velocity. It started to drip bad on day when I was running the bike and I took the carb apart to find the problem. car accelerates smoothly Good morning Dave. If your car has an external fuel pump, you'll probably run into situations that will require you to test and possibly replace this component. If i pump the accelerator it fires right up then dies. Older chevy v8 with edelbrock carb starts and runs but will not idle without the choke being pulled out, almost like a vacuum leak. Many carb problems end up being ignition problems in my experience. While removing the carb, I noticed, that either this choke cable had sprung loose, or was never connected!? Carburetor Troubleshooting Guide. Fuel spurts with fuel line detached at carb. 6L) V8. Give us a call at our toll-free Factory Tech Line for any inquiries. When the throttle is rapidly opened, the accelerator pump will squirt a small amount of fuel into the throat of the carburetor so that the engine can continue running smoothly under increased load. won't idle without dying bob. had one that drove me nuts trying to fix it then figured out I had to buy a book and low and behold thee it was 3 wire oil pressure switch you can't see between the engine and fire 77 chevy camaro electric choke wont stay running? I got a 77 camaro i bought from a guy who knew little about the car it needs exhaust bad one side is ok,the other is cut and its loud. My other car is out of order until i get a new engine. When I rotate the choke while the motor is warm and running, should I expect a change in how the motor is running? Vintage Speed (R) Dual carb to 4 barrel manifold adapter. I try to stay out of water and mud Anyone have or know someone who has a edelbrock quicksilver carb With the intake and carb you are running you are fine on flow. Its a 600 cfm edelbrock carburetor about 4 years old. The QJet carb was old and leaky so I just replaced it with the Edelbrock 1406 with electric choke. Was this article helpful? 1 out of 1 found this helpful. Doesn't want to idle at all. wont stay under the bonnet (hood) you will have to cut a hole the predator is a tall sqare ugly carb and looks wrong on any v8. Take the air cleaner off of the top of the Dodge carburetor by removing the wing nut on the air cleaner by hand and setting it aside. If one is wound out and the other in, the car will stay running, but one side of the engine will run rich and the other side lean. once I dump fuel in it it will idle at about 1300-1500 no lower. but after the install it idles rough, wont rev when cold, just sputters and backfires then will die if you dont let off. the car is running This model of carburetor has the square bore flange bolt pattern. other Tech Tips on how to adjust the mixture screws on a carb, or you can go to the Edelbrock web site and look-up  26 Jun 2012 But it doesn't have to be. but once i got it started it kept enough pressure to I have a 1987 shasta motorhome Ford E350,with the stock Motorcraft(Holly) double pump 4bbl carb. When it came to the part where I have to start it up and let it run until warm, it got started, after me giving it gas for about 2-5min it started to idle, but it was very rough and eventually shut off. Will stay running only if I pump gas - much like as it performed with reman carb - so, I think I'm about back to where I was after installation of reman carb, only now with new vac hoses, (2) new ported vacuum switches, and 'as received' carb. * Select an rpm range to use in evaluating the WOT power. I took the top off the carb and there is fuel in the bowls and the floats move easily and are adjusted correctly. You can adjust an Edelbrock 1406 carburetor to prevent it from running too rich -- that is, too much fuel versus air -- or from running with a mixture that's too lean on fuel. There should be less than 1 psi of pressure difference from idle to WOT operation of the TBI unit. I was never adjusting it. I know you guys will give me some good recommendations. Basic Carb Function If fuel flowing the carb. this sounds like a vacuum leak but when spraying water all around the intake and the bottom of the carb and master cylinder seal, nothing changes. 7 roller rockers, GT-40P headers, bassani x pipe, american thunder catback, FMS 4. Power valve blown out by spitback up through carb. nothing fixed it. It only took me a day to make my 1405 edelbrock *(Adapt-O-Brock) linkage to work on my 79 C10's "new"305 I installed--the same problem as yours,after getting a V8 accelerator cable (mine was a six cylinder)and installing it--I couldnt get it to return to idle--I had to remove the bracket that holds the cable and file the holes out making them more like slots,and pused it closer to the carb I agree that it sounds like a fuel issue. This chart is intended to be a helpful guide when troubleshooting your carburetor. After several trys, I sprayed carb cleaner down the barrels every few seconds which kept it running. What is the thing called that the secondarys are hooked up too, is it the secondary float? The carb has to be plugged to the sensor in the thermostat housing in order to work right. We cleared the codes, and it ran just fine. Then I drove it to a buddies house to use his scanner. i had a 98 and the fuel pump only pushed out 50 psi when it needed 58 to start if i didnt give it fuel to start it would just sit there and crank until i killed the battery. Over a few thousand miles with stage 2 on my car and overall, it’s been great. The optimum setting for the Edelbrock carburetor is to run between 550 and 650 rpm. If i hit the gas it dies immediately. identified by the triangular aluminum tag. Harley Davidson CV Carburetor Upgrade Harley Davidson started equipping models with the CV carburetor in 1989 and has utilized the same carb ever since. You may have the idle set too low, the floats too high and it's flooding out, could be the wrong accurate way to establish the correct float level is to check it while the engine is running. Edelbrock 600 1406. 91 GT Carb conversion, holley 600 double pumper, edelbrock performer intake, FMS "C" drop springs, march 1000 underdrive pullies, crane 1. There are no rules about intake, so I can run whatever I want as long as I'm running a two barrel carb. rebuilt carb i just got it back a week ago and idled fine. I am very happy with it so far. 426 hemi with 2 Edelbrock carbs. I had to tune it a little to get it to run right, but now it runs awesome. Posted by Anonymous on Oct 24, 2013. This is what I got. Jetting will depend on not just the engine, but local gas quality, elevation and more. The pressure is on, can i get it running before monday. Help please 1 Welcome, Guest. Typically, motorcycle carburetors are shaken out of tune by vibration. the fuel pump is working, the filter is clean and i have fuel all the way to the carb. on a 1405 and a 1406. for years with no flooding. I run an Edelbrock on my Nova. It opened the choke much quicker. it fit and forget on the big clevland. It runs fine at 3000 rpm. I am running the boat in Big Bear (7k feet) and it has zero hole shot. Arn Actually the potential for a vacuum leak around the base is pretty high Have a Edelbrock 600 cfm Marine Carb on my 87 Ski Boat (Ford Commander 351w @ 260 HP). I Bought A Edelbrock 1406 Carburetor That Won’t Stay Running & Surges, I Was Told It Ran Good, But Has Been Sitting in dry storage for 2 years. If it fires right up, try to keep it Edelbrock 600cfm AVS carb on Edelbrock aluminum intake, new AC/Delco alternator, Hayes fan clutch. If your engine is running too rough, it's important to adjust the mixture and find the correct idling speed to decrease engine Swapped my intake and carb on a 350. The floats aren't sticky (I've cleaned then really well), The inside of the carb is clean. Reading online and looking at the ease of adjustment, should I dump it and get a Holly? In Carb Tuning Tips, Part 1, we provided a brief overview of the carburetor, including some basic carburetor anatomy. If your engine makes good power up to 5,000 rpm, then 2,500-5,000 is a good POOR RUNNING QUALITY DOES NOT MEAN A DEFECT IN THE CARBURETOR. I am considering replacing the carb with an Edelbrock performer 750cfm unit. Edelbrock should stick to car stuff. i have tryed them twice nothing but headaches A little out with one carb isn't so big a deal, a little out with two carbs is twice the problem; 5) the block isn't adequately grounded to the frame / chassis and the electrical system / battery isn't adequately grounded to the frame / chassis causing weak spark despite your non-running / no load testing. gonna say then? Thanks for the info. One simple test to see if the slides are contributing to the rough running is to hold the throttle at idle and then take up the slack on the cable by slowly turning the throttle - if the idle speed drops, it indicates that the slides are a loose fit in the carb body and should be replaced. Cold engines run inefficiently so they need more raw fuel to fire-up, and stay running. Review this information and be aware that an expert will also respond within the next two business days if not sooner. Rob 350 backfires through carb Hope somebody can help!Just rebuilt a 1972 chevy 350 with a new crankshaft,edelbrock torquer plus cam,torker manifold,holley carb, Carb only starts after dumping fuel. to slow down or put it in nuetral it stays at 4k rpms n if u touch throttle it  9 May 2012 Adjust the Gas / Idle Mixture Screws on Your Edelbrock Carburetor. Call Edelbrock and find out if you need to adjust your primary circuit. Sounds like a cam issue though the fuel isnt pumping and it wont start on carb spray even. If you did buy it used, you should check the metering rod sizes also, you don't know for sure what a PO did to it. I sold the bike because I didn't feel like dumping a carb into. 00 Our adapter allows you to mount any Stromberg “97” or Holley “94” three bolt carb to the small 4v (WCFB) —Carter AFB—or the Holley 4 barrel carb. also to check to see if its the fuel pump spray some gas down the throttle body and see if she will start. Factory CFI car. I'm hoping to just swap on a different car. Edelbrock is way to damn sensative man, I've got a Edelbrock 650 CFM on my maro and the thing sux bad. • Fuel Level Low. Put it all back together and started her up This time if runs better It will rev up 3000-3600 but wont hold any RPMS above say 1500 without sputtering, slowing down and then quitting. Its now equiped with a 750 edelbrock, but my friend has an extra 750 speed demon on the shelf. ok, i have an 87 DX here that i have to get running soon, very soon. im thinking vacuum leak? but cant find it. . Is it trying to start just wont stay running? Or is it not firing at all? Also, how do you know its not getting gas to the motor? DId you look at it spray the gas into the intake? Is it spraying? If its not, then pouring a little in the carb should have caused it to fire unless you got 2 things wrong here. Locate the two adjustment screws on the lower barrel of your carburetor. Running the correct ratio of fuel and air makes your dirt bike run optimally. I can get it to stay running if I feather the accelerator. There is a procedure for setting up the choke in your owners manual. Carb is about  I've got a 1970 coupe with a 302, Edelbrock 1405 carb, Edelbrock day of the first startup after the rebuild and the engine won't run for long. Ive tried adjusting the distributor while its running, but still cannot get it to stay on. it will rev up to about 1000RPM and die, sometimes it'll chug a bit at 200-300RPM. I just rebuit my edelbrock 1406 carb with electric choke and I cannot get it to idle. Got the new engine in and running, holy crap the edelbrock intake/cam/carb makes a difference! It starts fine cold but is very hard to start warm. pdf (10 MB). Car does turns on but wont stay on, I have to give the peddle gas in order to keep it runing. I have two questions to anyone that can help: 1. design) manifold made with 410 hp and 418 lb-ft of torque in dyno tests with Edelbrock's matching cam (#2215) and Performer Series carb (#1413). In Part 2, Demon Carburetion helps us identify a few more chief components of the modular, square-bore carburetor, acquaint you with common problems that can arise, and tell you how to prevent them. Holley carburetors feature idle mixture screws which control the air/fuel ratio and these are usually the main culprits in an improperly idling carb. I am running a ROE S/C 10lb pulley. You can smell its running way to rich but if you lean it out it wont run, for 150 bucks I can get it set by a shop but hell man I kinda figured it woulda been set from the factory since it only ran me $300 bucks. S. on the back of the edelbrock carb there is a large hole that has threads in it. Took it out for its first test drive and ran good for first 5 minutes then died in my driveway. Pretty much every part inside the carb is different. BTW in my heavy Truck. Neither carb displayed a hanging idle, so it's a pretty fair call to say that polishing the barrel is the best bet to solving any hanging idle issue that correct jetting doesn't eliminate . With the float level verified and correct, rotate the throttle to wide open twice. Trying to tune the carb around using the pump is pointless as you really wont accomplish much for a street Blast using it. The intake puts one carb directly over each port yet still provides a plenum space so they can all share mixture. Thanks for all your help. I'm also replacing some filters, and hopefully won't have to replace the fuel pump. Things were looking up: I replaced the spark plug, cleaned out the exhaust, adjusted the idle / fuel screws, and even replaced the brakes (I can stop now!). I totally rebuilt the carb, changed timing, changed rods and jets, you name it. Attempted to adjust choke while engine was warm and running - I adjusted mine by a quarter turn and it drastically improved the idle. Has anyone out I took the box off and I could see flames in the manifold, below the throttle plate (not your typical Edelbrock flame thrower). I have a 78 Chevy Cheyenne (K30 1 ton pickup) w/ 400 ci (6. org members. Once back together ok so when the car is in gear and the brakes are applied it wont stay running. I just bought a 1982 Chevy c10 305 small block. The only thing that needed attention from the start of ownership as the carb. For the engine to function properly with this carb, the distributor must have centrifugal advance (spring loaded weights inside) along with the vacuum advance unit. I installed a new aluminum intake and upgraded to a 4v Edelbrock carb. Mine was replaced soon after I got the truck running, but I knew it’d had some bad gas run through it since then Edelbrock's CARB Legal Stage 2 Supercharger for 2018-2019 Mustang GT's is now available to order. The engine is brand new just installed into my car. 68 289 wont start after new intake/carb install . I was running a 570 holley on my 289, was very rich at idle, and was tuned by a reputable carby guy, was using about 22ltrs per 100, had Big Al fit an edelbrock 600 to the car and tune it, car is crisper off the line, and much smoother through the rev range, not as much up top, but hey I dont drive it at 5000rpm everywhere, fuel economy is Find Carter Muscle Car Mechanical Fuel Pumps M4685 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Carter muscle car mechanical fuel pumps deliver original equipment appearance, fit, and performance in a full range of domestic muscle car engines. This is due to the restriction of the venturis. I went to start the truck and it won't stay running. 9l inline 6. Similar to the Mr. I had a really odd problem of backfiring through the carb when I put any load on the engine- you could drive, but you have to very slowly accelerate or POP POP goes the carb. it has a 350 sb four bolt main. Edelbrock Quicksilver carburetor installation for the YFM. If the initial float level is not visible in the sight glass, then it might be necessary to readjust the float level before starting the engine. The Edelbrock is actually a little big for the motor. Boat has a closed cooling system and never gets above 160 unless I torch the impeller. replacing a carb---$450-$500 No matter what gasoline motorhome you have, you will not improve 2-3 mpg---they weigh to much,geared low so you have power,and we all add even more to them. Is anyone here running an Edelbrock 500cfm pro series carb? If so how do you like it? I am pretty much open to suggestions, but would prefer to not have to swap intakes. Im on my 4th one---and spending tons of money just wont repay in mpg's I have never gotten better than 8mpg. The way to tell the difference is the smog carb will have a little sticker on the metering block telling you it goes opposite of normal, and the smog carb will have blunt screws rather than the pointed 84 dogde d350 won't stay running: I have a 84 dodge d350 wih a 360 with edelbrock 600 cfm carb. The new owner swapped in a mikuni and said the bike ran 100% better. I plan on running your 400hp fitech on it cause the carb is no longer working. Solution #1: You may have the improper size (cfm) carburetor for your '82 K10 possible Edelbrock carb problemwon't stay running. improved but still not running quite as well as the jetted stock carb. so i unplugged the booster line and capped it, and the idle rises when disconnected and settles back down when capped. Fuel pressure on a TBI unit should stay constant under all throttle conditions. If the floats are too high, the carburetor will run rich. I have heard through some sources that I should gain a few miles per gallon and some performance. It didn't always do this. The following is a chart of potential carburetor problems and possible remedies. I hope this helps you and have a nice day. Can't get the idle lower, Holley carb I can't get my idle speed below 1400! I don't mean that the car won't keep running with the idle set lower, what I mean is even with the idle speed adjustment screw backed all the way out till it's not even touching the linkage the idle doesn't go any slower. See our vacuum ports. org member Jay_rich for winning December’s Car of the Month, as voted by ThirdGen. So, I took off the carb and looked at the boots; they were ripped and they were replaced. I just prefer the turn key start my edelbrock Carb had on old boat. Please login or News: 73-87chevytrucks. I bought it running a few months ago, but it wasn't running great. Edelbrock Performer Series 600 CFM Carburetor with Electric Choke. It can replace Holley, Edelbrock, Carter AFB, and Autolite style carburetors with 5 3/16" x 5 5/8" bolt pattern. hotrod. 1406 is a great carb for a stock or just better than stock car. There won't be enough air velocity through the venturis to allow the carb to properly meter fuel. I have a 5. Congratulations to ThirdGen. i have to be on the gas about half way just to keep it Hi all, I put the weber 500 carb and manifold on my 3. 3? Will it self tune again? i hAVE A 1977 HARLEY ironhead and i am running a s&s super b and the bike runs good at idle and i have ran a mukini 48 mm carb on it the super b is giving it way to much gas and flooding it out when i am ridding and the mukini you cant take the choke off or it will die so i want to go to a stock carb and i need to know what idle jet i should have in it wont burn so much gas and i wont starve 68-69 Autolite 1100-1V carburetors differ from the 65-67 carbs in 2 ways. Trim xlt Sorry Mike, cant buy that. I've adjusted timing and tuned the carb best I know how but it still stumbles at first upon acceleration and I can't seem to get it running right. SET UP ADJUSTMENTS . If I were running at high altitude (check for any notes for that for your altitude) I would probably start 1-2 stages lean and get whatever the chart says. i would hate to have to buy another float bowl for the carb because of this stupid problem. Been putting off a head gasket replacement (stopped leaking) this is an offroad vehicle. Re: wont start without some throttle It never needs full throttle just about a forth of full then once started I can put at idle. I too am in need of a new carb. it was running fine when i shut i just use one hand on the throttle linkage to keep it going and make adjustments,, what is happening is you need to hold the throttle way open to try and get the engine to keep running. Also while an Edelbrock/Carter is close no carb is a bolt on part, no matter what anyone says. The plug wires were triple checked to be correct. but now it wont stay running. I recently posted the following information on slantsix. works well trans adapt offers 1/2″ laminate type . Won't Stay Running, Carburetor. Carb seems to be flooding out now, I can only get the car started wit my foot to the floor and it wont stay running. I used the articles by Damon on Peformance Tune Your Secondaries , Q-jet Secondaries Part 2 , and Q-jet Idle Problems , to help with the tuning of my Edelbrock #1904 Q-jet. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. Afraid the tops are gonna have to come off to fix the problem. thats why i purchased this model carb and size . I have them on my 97GTS. Not to disagree with you, but the Victor series (according to Edelbrock's site) starts making power at 3500 RPM. Start set up by confirming carb base line settings. We the top 10 common EFI mistakes and how to patch them up so you don;t make a costly mistake. In the Edelbrock owners manual, it says that for large cams producing lower vacuum, when running a vacuum advance distributor, to go straight off the manifold for your vacuum advance signal, and not the carb. Vacc secondaries are perfectly suited for offroad - you wont over-carburate the engine, and you wont have bogging and fuel wasted if your foot bounces on the pedal in rough terrain. It will not idle on its own. It was running fine and suddenly started this on my last outing. I am lookikng at an Edelbrock, i would say a 650cfm would be what it would take. Motorcycle carburetors take in air and mix it with fuel. The upper adjustment screw is the idle mixture screw, while the lower one is your idle speed adjustment. evenly, corner to corner diagonally but don’t over tighten. Hey guys, I got a slight problem with my car. One good thing though, with the new Edelbrock pump on there-----What are the Edelbrock techs. We need more info. Sounds weak and ready to shut off. Hey guys need some help! When I took my truck down to the frame and back together I started it up for the first time since it was taken apart and ran rough so rebuilt the carb and it Won't run right I have to have the choke Galway on for it to run decent but I'm tired of having to adjust the choke and it cutting out. Looking for some direction. Not to mention the poorly metered fuel you'll be dumping in the carb will cut mpg too. Note that there are two large screws on the front of the carb, just below the nameplate. Starts right up, but won't stay running. What carb are some of you guys running? A friend of mine was running a Carter AFB/Edelbrock 500cfm jetted down on his race Scout. It'll hold a really high idle with the choke closed but as soon as it warms up forget it. Eventually it stays running and seemed to smooth out as the engine warmed. I replaced the battery and the plugs and cleaned the MAF and TB. Loading Unsubscribe from Chris The Doc  12 Feb 2019 FIX IT YOURSELF: Motor Scooter Won't Stay Running (Won't Idle) . Check to see if the fuel supply line to the carb is plugged. • Vapor Lock. I've had a 1406 in the past and I really liked it. As a rule, use the highest 50 percent of the real powerband. I didn't drive my jeep for about 4 days, went to start it this morning and she started up on my second try, which is semi-normal when starting cold. it is there to hook up a vacuum port for power just 4 the info the edelbrock carbs are just rebadged carter carbs not that there is anything wrong with carter but they are not really a performance carb and stay clear of those demon carbs u will have nothing but trouble with them they have a quality control problem where they are assembled in mexico. Do not depend on the factory delivered settings. there's an Autolite 4100 on top of an Edelbrock Performer 390 dual-plane manifold. my chevy 327 in my boat has suddenly stopped idling well. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. Despite a rebuild and getting a jet kit and dialing in the rods and springs never could get it to run/idle well. i adjusted the air/fuel ratio it idled a little better. To think that you can carb the worlds performance market with 1 carburetor like Edelbrock does like some company's is surrendering the optimum for low level mediocrity. As i was taking the carb apart i noticed that whatever dingbat rebuilt this thing before me got the check ball stuck in the hole (the one with the clip) and for the life of me i cannot get it out. Follow along, solve some typical carb conundrums, and get deputized as a Summit Racing carb detective! Problem: Engine is running rich throughout the rpm band. How to Tune Edelbrock Carburetor Carb Idle Mixture Screws Electric Choke Metering Rods Jets Accelerator Pump Fuel Air Vacuum http://www. What was it? The ignition. AMC 360 timing issues, won't start '82 cj7 with AMC 360 (never rebuilt, YET). 56's, msd aL6, trunkmount battery, A/C eliminator kit, 3000 stall tci streetfighter, AOD with transgo kit, A+ servo, 300M Edelbrock Headers produce some of the highest torque numbers,with only a few less HP at redline. Stock heads and cam. I tried my spare key and it didn't seem any better. I hope so. Most of this was done about 6-7 months ago at a speedshop in Delaware. The enherent heavey weight of a 4x4 truck favors a vac secondary carb for all but mud racing. msd 6al with msd distributor new wires and plugs My fj40 ran great last week I installed front and rear lockers drove it to the gas station and filled with regular gas (i usually use premium) and now it wont idle below 1100 rpm with out dying. i use a clear filter pre-pump ( 3 month old new stock mechanical pump) and i can see the gas in the filter and it looks good. These are both mixture screws, one for each side. Stay far far far far far far far away from the quicksilver. Granted, not very well because of the leaky carb. If it isn't, the pump solenoid will stay closed all the time and waste fuel. DESCRIPTION: Edelbrock Performer Series carburetor #1400 is 50-state street legal for . when the car starts up, it starts fine. with a 351w carb. If i place the fitech on the 305 for now can i later put it on my ls 5. " The carb will only flow as much gas as the air flow demands. com, the official website for Hot Rod Magazine. The car was running before I swapped the carb. It won't run at less than 2000 rpm. RWHP 700& 750tq. We usually say get the car running with standard jetting then see what it needs. Doesn't seem to have fuel in carb but checked line and filters to carb and are fine. It was just for fun, until about 3 days ago, now i have to get it running. I just recently replaced the old Torker manifold and Holley 700 cfm on my 440 with a Performer intake and an Edelbrock 1812 800 cfm AVS carb. But since I installed the new carb it will crank but won't turn over. It will not squirt fuel from the jets. With the engine running, slowly turn the choke . Start engine, allow to warm, and set the initial idle speed (the idle stop screw, not the mixture screws) to keep the engine running. com/p/Edelbrock/ its stock then i did a edelbrock intake and (used)edelbrock carb and headers new water pump and new billet distributor its turning over and wants to start. the fuel injectors were taken out & cleaned. With two adjustment screws in the front of the carburetor, you can adjust and tune the carburetor in just a few minutes and have your engine running smoothly. Edelbrock offers Performance RPM dual plane As of today I am going to get a Holley 750 vacuum secondary and trick it out. I used to carry around a tree limb, and break off a small piece to jam the choke open whenever I had a problem. the in tank fuel pump & filter has been replaced. Scrapped those off and used Fel-Pro gaskets and it doesn't whistle and runs fine for awhile until it gets a little warm then it will cut off and I have to pump the pedal and crank for awhile in order to get it to start, but it wont stay running. im running 87 octane at the monent. it also has the vette heads on it big valve 350 heads New 68 Coronet build. It had the off idle dead spot, but through searching I led myself to believe that it was a carb issue. Ever since then I haven't been able to get it to stay running. It won't want to idle until it warms up. if i hold the choke plate closed, the car runs, and will idle as high as 1800RPM, and allow me t Depending upon the size of your engine and the rpm's it is running at, you can have flow from the idle and transition circuits well into the higher rpms. 3) Replace the power valve. If you bought it used, you can download the manual from Edelbrock's web site. i recently replaced the head gasket, due to i suspected it was burning coolant. All you’ll need is a screwdriver and a good vacuum gauge. Edelbrock won’t warranty a broken carb mounting ear! Edelbrock also specifies that a new filter must be installed or the warranty on the carb will be void. Check them before the carb is installed. new intake gasket, new plugs. Why is the engine bogging under acceleration? I recently managed to get the moped running properly, albeit for only a short time. if anyone wants i'll post a how to on setting the float height as per Edelbrock New Holley Carb Throttle Plates Sticking, How To Fix? have no other complaints about this carb, it's way better than my old edelbrock 600. finally got initial timing set and broke it in at 2500rpm or so, ran quite well for my half assed guessing at initial timing. i have moved the throttle accelerator pump lever rod to the closet one to picked up an 02 650r tarded and the guy threw in the edelbrock pumper carb. brand new. I'm running an L79 pcv system. truck has not been driven since 2011 its a project it will need exaust brake work and the carb needs cleaned. I know that it's totally frustrating to have a chainsaw start and not stay running. i have a 600 cfm on my 340 and i just close the choke on the carb with my hand before starting the engine, today all of a sudden the choke wont stay closed and when i do get the car running it idles really fast, can anyone tell me whats going on and how i can fix it,the car sees a few cruises a year, thats it. Those carbs are very user friendly, good luck. It has a Rochester Quadrajet 4MV carburetor. The carb is fairly new, but that doesn't mean anything. It was running fine when i parked it. After buying a 2000 Dyna Wide Glide a year ago for half price from an unemployed friend who was moving in a hurry, I started to work on the low speed (and dangerous) carb cough. now the car starts easily, but won't idle. Frank (or anyone having experience with AOD Lokar TV cable to Edelbrock Carb), Would it be an advantage to come off the center port of the AOD and install a hose running towards the engine bay to mount a permanent pressure guage to monitor the transmission pressure when adjusting the shift tv cable? Darrell Howard Whitefish, MT Outlaw 56 Ford F A No-Budget Fix For CV Carbs Written by Stick Fentzlaff Taken from American Iron Magazine #100 . I've swapped out the stock garbage carb on my '83 CJ I6 for a Motorcraft 2150 and I'm having some problems tuning it. If I would have changed a Holley half as much as I changed the Edelbrock carb, it would have swung the air/fuel one way or the other dramatically. My 1985 blazer wont stay running. Problem CONDITION POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTION 3) Ford& Holley Only. I have an edelbrock 1406 & it was sitting for a few years & got all ca ca'd, I bought a rebuild kit, soaked al lthe parts in laquer thinner, rebuilt edelbrock carb now it will not idle/stay running - Vintage Mustang Forums 80457S 600 CFM won't idle! I just installed a refurbished Holley 0-80457S 600CFM carburetor on my 1968 Mustang 289 with Auto Transmission and I can't get it to idle properly. The carburettor is a Carter AVS 4682S C. I have a 84 monte carlo ss with a stock 305. Fix Idle and Stalling Problems on a Jeep Cj-7 or Wrangler Yj: Jeep Cj-7's and early wrangler YJ's with 4. that isn't good but for diagnostics you need to get that engine to stay running to figure out what is wrong. My original plan was to do a ls swap in the near future but money is the problem. I rebuilt my carburetor and adjusted the floats because the carburetor was flooding my engine. Re: Intake & Carb improvement 'Betty' is running an Edelbrock Performer manifold, but when I got her she had an Edelbrock 'Carter Clone' AFB. Discussion in 'The Garage doing it when i was trying to pull someone out. Today, I removed my Edelbrock 4-barrel carb to clean and spray it out, as my 327 SBC is not running due to fuel issues. It was running really bad just until I got to his driveway, then it smoothed out and ran beautifully. There was a plate i instelled inside the valve cover where the PVC goes into? is this a problem? So I've been a fan of the Carter AFB Edelbrock carb on my street cars for many years. car has been sitting for a few years. I have a 68 with a 289. i replaced the brake booster, put on an edelbrock 750 1407 carb, and distributor but kept the accel cap and coil. been running a 350 with carb with minimal problems (the odd bit of crap stuck in the needle & seats, worn accelerator pump diaphragm, nothing too major) cheap and easy to fix and tune. I will gladly help you tune a carb that will make your 454 purr and growl from idle to WFO. The engine actually uses a little less than 500 cfm (487) max so your Edelbrock may be rich. Sounds like it is normal that is good. edelbrock carb. You may have idle issues with that volume of carb. Finding the correct air and fuel mixture will help extend the life of your engine. 3L won't start I was of the impression carbs gradually got worse and eventually needed rebuilt, this boat has been running great, so was expecting it to be a single thing that happened, like water stuck somewhere, for this carb to go from running perfectly to passing no fuel thru all 4 barrels, has me thinking there is a single failure point somewhere My Grand Wagoneer won't start? 4 Answers. It also sounds like it is running on the fast idle/choke cam for a moment and then dying. Have to put the pedal to the floor to get it to run at all. My carb is a 625 CFM Carter AFB (now made by Edelbrock) and I was having a similar problem. The Performer (also available is a Victor Jr. I believe the problem is due to my lack of intake manifold heat because I was running headers previously and now running Dutra Duals. At random times the car will jump up in RPM's and then  My 1406 which came on the 1968 Mustang 302 I bought was running rich at idle. 600cfm carb. Somewhere on Edelbrock's web site they have their chart for going x-number of stages lean/rich and what parts to get for it. When my car is not started for a month or so ,my solution is to remove the air cleaner , prime the carb, set the choke open at 1/8 inch ( per Edelbrock ), replace the air cleaner ( do not start the car with the air cleaner off ,as a fire could happen ,and has happened to me at one time with another car) I found that on the chassis dyno, an Edelbrock carb had the same air/fuel ratio no matter what rods/jets I stuck in it when WOT. • Fuel Pump. I have a stock 350 chevy with edelbrock carb w/electric choke. – carb charts recommend 760 cfm . The standard mechanical fuel pump found in classic cars is very reliable. adjusted the rockers, and the motor is stable down to 1k rpm, but simply will NOT stay running below that. this has probably been discussed before but, will an edelbrock performer intake manifold #2115 work fine on a stock '77 425? im considering a carter afb competition 625 cfm carb to go on it, can anybody tell me how this combo will be? Get the best deal for ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Carburetors & Throttlebodies for Yamaha YFZ450 from the largest online selection at eBay. I have a pcv valve on the valve cover ran to the carb and the brake booster plugged into the intake. edelbrock carb wont stay running

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