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With traffic flowing through the Internet, TCP window size becomes an important optimization opportunity. vEdgevEdge TCP Connections TCP Connections Optimized TCP Connections  This article will focus on tuning BGP to deliver large amounts of information In Cisco IOS, every two TCP packets are acknowledged with a TCP ACK message. Rather, it depends on which version of Windows you are using. WAN Network design for both the locations. Stackable Catalyst 3850 Series multigigabit and 10-Gbps network switches give you wired and wireless together so you can scale up and protect your investments. Through dynamic route optimization and protocol acceleration, Teridion radically improves TCP throughput worldwide by 2X to 15X vs regular public Internet while optimizing UDP for minimal loss, latency, and jitter. This article addresses the question of whether the CompTIA Network+ is a better startup credential or whether candidates should go after the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) instead. Encryption with IPSec tunnel applied between routers. It does so because it is yet to know if the receiving end will be able to successfully receive the data being sent (sender gets to know whe TCP also has a wide variety of knobs that when tuned or optimized can further improve the performance of our delivery. With the upcoming release of Scrutinizer v7, we’ve spent a LOT of time addressing very technical questions or findings regarding Cisco NetFlow. The new Cisco WAN optimization platforms help organizations to meet growing user expectations, fueled by Abstract: Since early days of computing, the most slowest interconnects have always been between platforms through input and output channels. Network Management Software such as Cisco Works 2000 can be used to install MIBs. Cisco Fabric service cfs 7546. All of that makes TCP a good choice for delivering content on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™. The Cisco DocWiki platform was retired on January 25, 2019. 6 30880 (by BrainSlayer). The tool also offers: One-click router lockdown Easily integrate with other IT management solutions for full visibility and optimization of your IT services. If video meetings are of low importance, only 0. Understanding Cisco Next Generation SD-WAN Solution Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Formula to Calculate TCP throughput TCP-Window-Size-in-bits / Latency-in-seconds = Bits-per-second-throughput So lets work through a simple example. This post is a reference post for those looking to squeeze maximum speed out of their Cisco Linksys E4200 v1 wireless router running DD-WRT. However, applying this TCP optimization is not as effective as applying more protocol-specific optimization to specific types of traffic. End with CNTL/Z. 168. com, and Cisco DevNet. Let's say you've got a web server that's 240ms away from you and you're trying to download a file. To use TCP optimization on a vEdge router, you must enable it: vEdge(config-system)# tcp-optimization-enabled On vEdge 1000 and vEdge 2000 routers, enabling TCP optimization carves out a separate CPU core to use for performing TCP optimization, which is a CPU-intensive process. Freeware system optimization tool that removes unused and temporary files. Cisco WAN optimization services coupled with the Cisco Integrated (DRE), caching, application-specific protocol acceleration, and TCP flow optimization. com account with your WebEx/Spark email address, you can link your accounts in the future (which enables you to access secure Cisco, WebEx, and Spark resources using your WebEx/Spark login) Before you call Cisco TAC and start trouble shooting your network, do a quick calculation of what you should realistically expect in terms of TCP throughput from a one host to another over this long distance link. This is quoted verbatim from their email to me and thought it may be handy if you are looking to optimize your connection for ESO or are troubleshooting lag issues. Byte caching – caches files and other data on FortiGate units to reduce the amount of data transmitted across the WAN For broadband internet connections that combine high TCP Window with higher latency (high BDP), these algorithms do not increase the TCP windows fast enough to fully utilize the bandwidth of the connection. They created EdgeConnect in early 2015 to provide products based on x86 platforms to perform WAN acceleration, WAN optimization, and software-defined WAN link aggregation. To make it faster, make sure these lookups can be resolved or disable DNS lookups with the no ip domain-lookup command. All told  Apr 30, 2019 All Cisco Meraki security appliances are equipped with SD-WAN One of the most common uses of traffic optimization is for VoIP traffic, which is very In the Uplink selection policy dialogue, select TCP as the protocol and  Teridion's cloud WAN service, with Cisco Meraki MX, delivers superior WAN route optimization and protocol acceleration, Teridion radically improves TCP  Network performance depends on more than only available bandwidth. Configuring a Cisco MDS FCIP deployment. 5. Cisco Fabric service cwmp 7547. TCP. 3(4)T, an incoming packet was matched as long as any TCP flag in the packet matched a flag specified in the access control entry (ACE). This course is an instructor-led course offered by Cisco Learning Services High-Touch Delivery. MTU manipulation The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is the maximum length of data that can be transmitted by a protocol in one instance. TCP/IP table with IP address details. The upper part of the right pane contains the following elements: Chart Options bar—Located directly under the device name, this bar includes the Chart Options drop-down and time periods. Let’s see what they are. Technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and network architecture Proficiency with Linux and UNIX text editing tools. Sep 17, 2018 P-GW Administration Guide, StarOS Release 21. Vendors include: Check Point Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, PIX. NewsEDGE client broadcast (UDP). Most of the relevant TCP optimization capabilities of a NetScaler appliance are exposed through a corresponding TCP profile. R a o ,S t e p h e nW . In most cases I see this with PPPOE. Understanding the role that CUCM plays in a converged network from a system, These notes are intended to help users and system administrators maximize TCP/IP performance on their computer systems. Application Optimization using Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) is an essential component of the Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN). Authorized Self-Study Guide Cisco Voice over IP (CVoice) re: Cisco Prowling WAN Optimization? I am shocked! Shocked! that IOS cannot handle this processing load. on the original new and used Cisco networking equipments, including Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cisco firewalls, access points, IP Phones, GBICs, GLCs, WIC NM network modules, memory & flash, cables, and other network kits. White Paper Application Layer vs. Service providers and large enterprises are converging on a common IP infrastructure that supports rapid deployment of high-value services. Protocol optimization and MAPI Radiology examinations are large. The purpose of queue optimization is to minimize packet loss. The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps optimize Windows 7/8/2008/2012/10 systems for use with VMware Horizon View. Cisco IOS feature validation on the Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 platforms in branch office scenarios. Yet connecting software is about more than just exchanging bytes. Again this is allowed and monitored. What I did see is that it uses BOTH tcp AND udp port 7680. Behind the scenes there is a service, Delivery Optimization (DoSvc), which is responsible for the delivery optimization of updates and various firewall exceptions are enabled based on the settings (these can be seen in Windows Firewall and there are two, both named Delivery Optimization with one for TCP, one for UDP both on port 7680). 2. Industry analysts say a good way to separate WAN optimization products from those that simply reduce data over the wire is to consider how WAN optimization products impact TCP/IP performance. Nov 16, 2016 Reduce bandwidth consumption by optimizing network routing and . How to Calculate TCP throughput for long distance WAN links. 3 or Later with Cisco MDS FCIP Configuration SteelHead and AppResponse Integration. A VSAT is often referred to as a long fat pipe network. Before Cisco IOS Release 12. UDP. In this specific example, a customer was using FTP to download files to his Cisco equipment and the process 1. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a connection oriented protocol which means that we keep track of how much data has been transmitted. 2. A one-box TCP optimization solution is deployed Connection optimization: only a WAN optimization can fully optimize TCP connections. NewsEDGE server broadcast (UDP). How to achieve Gigabit speeds with Linux 1 Gbit/s network cards have been available for some time now and 10Gbit/s cards have recently become available. Cisco library for TCP optimization: Provides algorithms that are designed to increase the TCP throughput. Bandwidth cannot be fully saturated by TCP transfers unless TCP options are properly configured. Modeling and 64% de plus qu’en 2014, selon un rapport récent de Cisco [37]. The sender will transmit some data and the receiver has to acknowledge it. Typical CLI parameters that should be considered when creating a TCP profile are the following: Openwave Mobility’s DynaBoost is a clientless solution that accelerates the mobile Internet experience through optimal bandwidth utilization and TCP Optimization, providing subscribers with faster browsing and more immediate access to content. Cisco won't put that dog to sleep since they need to 'eat their own dog food' (i. TCP Optimization for Wireless Networks Improving data delivery at the wireless radio area network (RAN) end of the communication path—where there is less available wireless bandwidth, network performance issues are more likely, and latencies are typically higher than on the wireline Internet—can help BRKAPP-1008 What can Cisco IOS do for my application? BRKAPP-1009 Introduction to Web Application Security BRKAPP-2010 How to build and deploy a scalable video On Cisco devices, you can adjust the the window size using the global configuration command, “ip tcp window-size”. Our task was to test the features and services offered by the ISR G2 Branch routers Cisco IP Telephony: Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation, and Optimization . A Management Information Base (MIB) is a collection of objects in a virtual database that allows Network Managers using Cisco IOS Software to manage devices such as routers and switches in a network. It simplifies router, firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), VPN, Unified Communications, WAN, and LAN configuration with easy-to-use wizards. Networking Networking Tutorials (Page 2) - Technical and managerial tutorials shared by internet community. This limit is much larger than you'll ever use because the transmission layers have much lower sizes plus protocol overhead; TCP, for example, reserves 20 to 60 bytes just for the header of each packet. It's a No Brainer. , San Jose, CA, USA bDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 151 Holdsworth Way, Knowles 211C, Amherst, MA 01003, USA The Cisco IOS WAAS Express feature is a WAN optimization solution that increases the amount of available bandwidth for small-to-mid-size branch offices and remote locations, while accelerating TCP-based applications that operate in a WAN environment. Yes, troubleshooting the physical layer is not as sexy as say, troubleshooting on a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), but it is just as useful. Security Data center security Cisco ACE is designed to serve as a last line of defense for servers and applications in data centers. Here's some real world metrics. The actual data sent in a TCP segment is variable. If you would like detailed instructions on setting up the Cisco TCP Connect IP SLA operation, check out our white paper on how to set it up. It is more effective than other optimization technologies because it focuses on optimizing the TCP protocol, which accounts for the vast majority of Internet traffic. SpeedGuide. TCP offload engine is a function used in network interface cards (NIC) to offload processing of the entire TCP/IP stack to the network controller. TCP-AO specifies the use of stronger Message Authentication Codes (MACs), protects against replays even for long-lived TCP connections, and provides more details on the association of security with TCP connections than TCP MD5. x for Skype for Business, a solution jointly developed by Citrix and Microsoft during 2015 and now widely implemented within security-conscious organizations around the world. The TCP/IP Guide is a reference resource on the TCP/IP protocol suite that was designed to be not only comprehensive, but comprehensible. Optimization IOS Firewall/IPS Cloud Web Security Secure Connectivity Akamai Connect Part of Cisco Intelligent WAN Cisco Intelligent WAN AKAMAI Connect Transparent Cache Dynamic URL Cache Akamai Connected Cache Content Pre-positioning CISCO WAAS LZ Compression TCP Optimization Data De-duplication Application Specific Acceleration If you update your Cisco. Now that you understand the fundamentals of how TCP operates, you are ready to examine how TCP can become a barrier to application performance in WAN environments. It is a lab-intensive course that introduces students to the open source SNORT technology as well as rule writing. Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) is a TCP/IP-based protocol for establishing and managing connections between IP-based storage devices, hosts and clients. Network devices generally won’t change the parameters for sessions that merely pass through them. This command only affects sessions to the Cisco device itself. WAAS appliances offer outstanding deployment scalability and design flexibility while WAAS software delivers best-in-class application acceleration for the enterprise network. Microsoft has invested $15 billion in infrastructure, building over 100 datacenters This document is exclusive property of Cisco Systems, Inc. Page 1 Overview. Desktop Data UDP 3: NESS application. The article discusses the secure-by-design architecture of the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 2. Cisco is certainly the best-known name when it comes to networking. Praised in its first edition for its readability, breadth, and depth, Routing TCP/IP, Volume II, Second Edition will help you thoroughly understand modern exterior routing protocols and implement them with Cisco routers. They also recognize applications which are dynamically assigned TCP and UDP ports. 17, but it is There's two WAN nodes on cisco 28xx and 871 with 2 satelite hops between them. This causes the input queue on the receiving router to overflow, resulting in packet loss. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Rekha’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP)is a transportation protocol that is one of the core protocols of the Internet protocol suite. The Industry's most powerful WAN optimization solution - Cisco WAAS. TCP Optimization: Opportunities, KPIs, and Considerations An Industry Whitepaper Generally, a one-box TCP optimization solution is deployed between TCP endpoints, communicating with the server on behalf of the client, and with the client on behalf of the server. Disable NetBIOS on the DHCP server To disable NetBIOS on the DHCP server, follow these steps: TCP, UDP: Secure MQTT. TCP sessions in such a scheme are very slow and applications goes timed out. Details: The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows program that provides an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection. China Cisco Router, China Cisco Router Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Cisco Router Products at cisco switch 9200 ,cisco switch ,cisco isr4431 from China Alibaba. On the other hand, teleradiology has been developed on a push model to accommodate the Riverbed Steelhead optimizes TCP SYN and SYN-ACK transaction between sites in order to achieve the so-called WAN optimization. All other traffic should be denied for performance. One trivial limitation is the maximum bandwidth of the slowest link in the path. Modbus TCP/IP (also Modbus-TCP) is simply the Modbus RTU protocol with a TCP interface that runs on Ethernet. 1 rejects the 3-way TCP handshake: Problems for Teaching Optimization and TCP Protocol Optimization for HTTP Adaptive Streaming. It requires careful tuning of several components in the end systems. Blog Best Practices for TCP Optimization in 2019 How to use TCP performance and Nagle's algorithm to get better user experience and performance out of your network. Most TCP stacks have an API that allow the user to provide his buffer for write (push) and the TCP module will save them until the packets are acknowledged by the remote side. Implement each of the Cisco WAAS application optimizers for maximum performance. Typically, stations will use an MSS of 1460 bytes, which is the maximum amount size of an Ethernet frame (the Maximum Transfer Unit) minus 40 bytes for TCP and IP header information. This term refers to factors that affect TCP/IP performance on any network that has relatively large bandwidth, but high latency. TCP Flow Optimization (TFO) - Improves the TCP stack and brings uniformity to TCP sessions. 5% of people at that site might be in a video meeting at the same time. . Whether it’s template version differences, packet capture analysis, or how cool it is to have a NetFlow license plate, it’s been covered. WAAS Express allows the traffic to be optimized by a Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR G2), with no other devices required. Configuring TCP MSS for Incapsula Infrastructure Protection. Earlier this year, we significantly expanded our TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): TCP (Transmission Control Protocol ) is a standard that defines how to establish and maintain a network conversation via which application programs can exchange data. This is because it will attempt a DNS lookup for each IP address. No application is an island. Understanding The TOFFEE Project - Ecosystem and the Big-picture: Before you explore the same, here is the ecosystem of the overall The TOFFEE Project. OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE FOR VO ICE OVER IP AND UDP TRAFFIC OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE FOR VOICE OVER IP AND UDP TRAFFIC Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is a special category of network traffic that requires separate and distinct consideration from the more traditional TCP-based traffic found in IP networks. the update generation process is highly optimized in Cisco's BGP . Get in touch with Replify for a free trial today. NewsEDGE server UDP (UDP 1). 8892 : Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product. Navigate to System > Profile > TCP Profile, select the default TCP profile, click Edit, and select or clear the TCP timestamp check box. In theory, the limitation of TCP packet size is 64K (65,525 bytes). What about the new OS on the CRS? Perhaps ported to a 12000 it could handle a 100Mb link For example, if video meetings are of high importance, estimate that 20% of the users at that site will use Meet. BGP-4 Command and Configuration Handbook (CCIE Professional Development) CCIE Professional Development Routing TCP/IP, Volume I, Second Edition . 0. PACS are based on the assumption of fast local networking and just-in-time image pull to the desktop. RFC 7414 TCP Roadmap February 2015 1. TCP/IP refers to the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet 01CGAT’s link sums it up as: TCP is not designed to be stacked and doing so results in the exponentially increasing retry timeout feature, used for reliability optimization of the protocol, conflicting to provoke excessive retransmission attempts by the upper layer TCP. TCP optimization for satellite environments. This issue affects products released by multiple vendors. Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series iSCSI storage arrays offer a fundamental change in the way enterprises think about purchasing and managing storage. An Essential Guide to Understanding and Implementing IP Routing Protocols. Cisco’s authoritative single-source guide to IP routing protocols for enterprise and service provider environments. In Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN), leading Cisco experts cover all key IWAN technologies and components, addressing issues ranging from visibility and provisioning to troubleshooting and optimization. Slow Start is one of these. Hardware with quantity list. In that case, the TCP MSS should be set 40 bytes lower than the IP MTU. TCP Layer WAN Optimization > Application Layer vs. Course Content. In Cisco IOS, every two TCP packets are acknowledged with a TCP ACK message. DynaBoost works  Jul 12, 2017 According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index 2017, mobile video traffic accounted for 60 percent of total mobile data traffic in 2016. Implement, integrate, and manage Cisco WAAS, Cisco APPNAV, and Design a Cisco WAAS solution. ) . WAN Optimization Controller Technologies TechBook 5 Preface This EMC Engineering TechBook provides a high-level overview of the WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) appliance, including network and deployment topologies, storage and replication application, FCIP configurations, and WAN Optimization Controller appliances. Best Practices for a RiOS 5. V . F5 provides an optimized TCP stack that significantly improves subscribers’ QoE without the need to change application and services. ) Silver Peak continues to lead the industry in WAN optimization capacity and performance. We went into the details of embedded profiles, and how you can use them in cases of joint use. Some network people really don’t like Teredo, and you don't have to use it, so long as you open port 7680 (TCP & UDP) and then Teredo can be disabled. 101. WAN optimization has been the subject of extensive academic research almost since the advent of the WAN. Multipath Optimization. First, there is Cisco SD-WAN Cisco hasn’t been known until now as a technology or performance leader in WAN optimization, said Paula Musich, senior analyst for networking and securty products at Current Analysis. For example, in a Cisco Router the command “ip tcp mss-adjust 1436” in the interface level will rewrite the value of the TCP MSS of any SYN packet that will go via this interface. Exploiting this issue may permit remote attackers to more easily approximate TCP sequence numbers. Optimization Techniques. The Modbus messaging structure is the application protocol that defines the rules for organizing and interpreting the data independent of the data transmission medium. Cisco recommends a loss target (including late packets) of 0. the optimization problem. TCP Optimization is deployed on the Gn interface (towards the UE) of the TCP stack. Small services TCP & UDP 20 and below FTP TCP 21 SSH TCP 22 Telnet TCP 23 SMTP (except external mail relays) TCP 25 NTP TCP & UDP 37 Finger TCP 79 HTTP (except to external web servers) TCP 80 POP TCP 109 &110 NNTP TCP 119 NTP TCP 123 NetBIOS in Windows NT TCP &UDP 135 NetBIOS in Windows NT UDP 137 & 138 NetBIOS TCP 139 IMAP TCP 143 SNMP TCP 161 A vulnerability in TCP implementations may permit unauthorized remote users to reset TCP sessions. Table 1-1 describes how Cisco WAAS uses a combination of TCP optimization techniques and application acceleration features to overcome the most common challenges associated with transporting traffic over a WAN. And with the broad portfolio of solutions the company offers, it’s no surprise that it includes WAN optimization. Mitigates the inherent lack of performance in TCP slow start and  Sep 18, 2019 vpn tcp-optimization—Fine-tune TCP to decrease round-trip latency and improve throughout for TCP traffic. View TCP Flows. Rate is usually the function that many of us value most for On the internet. But how Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), the workhorse of the Internet, is designed to deliver all the Web’s content and operate over a huge range of network types. Technology Brief. UDP, being stateless and Get an access switch that gets you ready for 802. The DD-WRT build I currently recommend for this router is K2. VeloCloud Dynamic. The main objective is to achieve network optimization by various means in various situations (real-world use-cases), however, unlike other open-source projects, The TOFFEE Project is not just one project/source-code. Nov 26, 2017 Understanding Cisco Next Generation SD-WAN Solution. You can submit your tutorial to promote it. Hope you like it. Cisco WAAS Overcomes Common WAN Challenges . 3. 8 -Inline TCP Optimization. TCP optimization solutions need to be flexible enough to handle the varying network conditions of WiFi, 3G, 4G, future 5G, and handover scenarios between these network types. TRex saves memory when generating traffic by using APIs with a pull approach rather than push, and utilizing DPDK for batching the packets. Permission is granted to print and copy this document for non-commercial distribution and exclusive use by instructors in the CCNP: Building Scalable Interneworks v5. Does windows 10 and windows server 2012 do some type of tcp/ip acceleration or optimization? In the past on other windows OS I would use a 3rd party accelerator to run on my laptop to increase TCP acceleration. Blue Coat Systems Blue Coat offers a few products under the umbrella of WAN optimization. With hundreds of sessions spanning four educational programs — Networkers, Developer Networker, Service Provider, IT Management, you can bu The ACL TCP Flags Filtering feature provides a flexible mechanism for filtering on TCP flags. The optimization tool includes customizable templates to enable or disable Windows system services and features, per VMware recommendations and best practices, across multiple systems. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Setup is easy and fast — as little as 15 minutes in many cases — and then they efficiently work their magic in the background without much IT involvement. In order to manage a Cisco Meraki device through Dashboard, it must be able to communicate with the Cisco Meraki Cloud (Dashboard) over a secure tunnel. TCP Layer WAN Optimization Executive Summary When planning the capacity of a WAN optimization solution, it’s best to base calculations on a WAN optimization appliance’s ability to perform application-layer functions, such as managing user counts and protocol optimization throughput, rather than on low burden, IWAN uses Cisco WAAS to compress data in flight using long-lived compression techniques including standards-based compression and context-aware data redundancy elimination (DRE). By default, TCP option 76 is only carried in the SYN and SYN-ACK I've been monitoring that port too (with wireshark), and there is no traffic on that port. A user-space TCP stack in P-GW is used. By moving some or all of the processing to dedicated hardware, a TCP offload engine frees the system’s main CPU for other tasks. Cisco Live & Networkers Virtual Special Offer – Save $100 Cisco Live has a well deserved reputation as one the industry’s best educational values. In large part because of its lineage, Cisco asserts that one of the strengths of WAAS is that it integrates with Cisco switches and routers better than any other WAN optimization controller (WOC). It lets you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many commercial and non-profit enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions. White Paper Layer 7 Visibility and Control FEBRUARY 2013 This document highlights the foundation of Meraki’s self-learning layer 7 traffic analytics engine and the rich visibility and intuitive management that it facilitates. UPDATED Dec 21, 2016. Aug 15, 2018 If TCP optimization is enabled on a vEdge router, you can view information about how the optimization is affecting the processing and  TCP optimization fine-tunes the processing of TCP data traffic to decrease round- trip latency and improve throughput. Best practices for RiOS 5. 11ac Wave 2 and other new technologies that are here today, or coming at you tomorrow. I’ve been showing people the value of a TCP 3 way handshake baseline and its value. many companies, such as Cisco, Blue This type of network degrades the performance of TCP or transmission control protocol which is the core element of Hold timer is the time during which the TCP session will be supported. ” The Tolly Group today released released the results of their Meraki MX WAN Optimization Performance Evaluation. Overcoming Transport Protocol Limitations. This document specifies the TCP Authentication Option (TCP-AO), which obsoletes the TCP MD5 Signature option of RFC-2385 (TCP MD5). To reduce the computational overhead, the fiwhat iffl models should not simulate the detailed operation of the routing Through this method of server optimization, organizations can decrease the number of servers or server locations used, thereby maximizing data center efficiency and increasing business performance. Solution. Together, TCP and IP are the The evaluation of the Cisco solution is based primarily on an examination of various documents posted on the Cisco web site, including the Cisco Wide Area Application Services Configuration Guide (Software Version 4. com TCP/IP, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, is the suite of two protocols, TCP and IP, used to interconnect network devices on the Internet. Yes dear WAN requirements are evolving rapidly as enterprises become more frustrated with the high cost and complexity of MPLS networking. The Cisco CCENT and CompTIA Network+ both position themselves as basic, entry-level networking certification credentials. The Comtech FX-1005E WAN Optimization appliance features a 160 GB SATA storage drive and enables high speed Internet access over satellite and delivers a exceptionally fast true broadband user experience. In recent years, however, the Traceroute on Cisco IOS might be very slow. For example, audio traffic uses just 20 ports (50000-50019 TCP/UDP) at the client  May 22, 2018 To implement congestion control, TCP first probes the network by increasing . Avoid proxies, packet inspection, protocol analyzers, and quality of service (QoS); Measure and optimize latency, bandwidth, and your Wi-Fi network. The tool "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" does come with a "Delivery Optimization" pair of rules and both are for port 7680. - Avoid the TCP "silly window syndrome" - enable high-performance TCP options - Set the TCP window size to twice the standard 16 bit maximum value - Limit the wait time for a TCP SYN response to minimum - Enable the feature to avoiding fragmentation with TCP sessions - Hold no more than 16 packets in outgoing TCP queue About Wanos. Can you explain the difference between UDP and TCP internet protocol (IP) traffic and its usage with an example? A. In their testing, they found the Meraki MX with WAN optimization improves performance of WAN links by up to 209X over un-optimized links. They offer extensive practical guidance on migrating to IWAN from your existing WAN infrastructure. This article provides an overview of ports that are used by Citrix components and must be considered as part of Virtual Computing architecture, especially if communicationtraffic traverses The Windows Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server provides a "Vendor class" option that you can use to disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the DHCP client. Therefore, rather than listing the various options here, please refer to the Google search results listed here, which provides relevant links with information about "tweaking" TCP/IP-related settings to improve performance in Windows. You need to be sure, above all else, that you understand your network configuration and behavior. The socket remains open during the communication. Cisco, Juniper, OpenVPN, Microsoft, Citrix, Array, Checkpoint, F5, Dell Sonicwall Aventail, Fortinet, NetMotion  May 21, 2019 Optimizing your network for Skype for Business Online . How Does WAN Optimization Work? WAN optimization can work wonders for spread out enterprise networks, reducing latency, relieving congestion and speeding up bandwidth-hungry Web apps. like Riverbed and Cisco have methods to optimize "Elephants" (LFN's or  Mar 25, 2016 In theory, that's fine, as TCP will simply buffer the reordered packets and deliver the EtherChannel is a proprietary Cisco mechanism to allow multiple Ethernet ports to Automate BGP Routing optimization with Noction IRP. Instead, solving the optimization problem depends on having efcient models of the routing protocols and effective ways to explore large parts of the parameter space. 5G, 3Y ? Acccording to Subscription Software for Routing document, it is supoorted for Cloud Managed through vManage, please see pag. Filtering Based on TCP Header Flags Problem. Hello At a TCP / UDP level, TCP has flags built in that tell a device how to handle it -- see DSCP in the URL above. Even in studying TCP/IP, however, it is still important to understand its significance and role in relation to the other layers where TCP/IP protocols reside. 6. 1). The TCP performs the handshake between the network devices to establish a socket. Disable Per Machine (Windows 10) For example, the Cisco SD-WAN TCP optimization engine, a new layer in the Cisco SD-WAN stack, helps maintain superior application performance in high latency networks such as satellite, transcontinental, and other types of circuits prone to high-loss and high-latency. Default TCP application servers can only send 64KB of traffic before the client acknowledges them. TCP/IP Design for the LAN networks at both the locations. October 3, 2019 Freeware Windows NetSpot 2. This is very unusable behavior for our environment, especially traffic from PC-to-PC and not PC-to-Server. The blog provides knowledge on Cisco configuration, CCNA,CCNP, CCIE and info. Routing via Cisco ASA is changing TCP sequence/ACK numbers endpoint of 192. alive, independent of each other and reuses TCP connections. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Architecture A Cisco Unified Communications deployment relies on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) (formerly known as Cisco Unified CallManager) for its call-processing and call-routing functions. Policy based TCP Profile Selection The traffic was coming from seemingly random PCs destined for other seemingly random PCs in other VLANs/Subnets on TCP port 7680. This design includes encrypted tunnels with a 1400 byte MTU, so the MSS used by endpoints should be configured to be 1360 to minimize any impact of fragmentation. LOD Consulting Group brings over ten years of experience providing high quality Cisco router support plans for companies and individuals, and are experts in Cisco Router/Switch setup, configuration and management. Doyle Abstract—TCP-AQM can be interpreted as distributed primal-dual algorithms to maximize aggregate utility over source rates. The software in the WAAS appliance takes TCP header information and exports that information before and after it is optimized to provide visibility Tune windows for high latency/high bandwidth tcp transfers in between or anything more complicated than a Cisco 4948. As TCP has evolved over the years, many distinct documents have become part of the accepted standard for TCP. TCP Optimizer 4 (latest stable release that works with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8. 8889 : Desktop Data TCP 1 (TCP). have their own WAN optimization product) but it is a total piece of crap. These capabilities enable granular application layer policy and offload TCP processing from the Web servers, saving CPU cycles. The movement from Serial ports to higher speed communications channels such as TCP/IP became the standard mechanism for applications to not only communicate between physical systems, but also on the same system! On Wide Area Network Optimization. TCP optimization solutions come in various forms with “one-box” and “two-box” solutions being the most widely-used options. NetFlow Analyzer retrieves Cisco's NBAR data and it helps in monitoring the network and in reporting of these applications that use dynamic ports. RDP provides remote display and input capabilities for Windows-based applications running on a server and is used in thin-client or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementations. TCP optimization techniques need to handle congestion, lower latency, integrate with policy awareness and user control, and support high scalability to approach Cisco’s What viable companies, products or options are out there today for TCP Acceleration over satellite or high latency IP networks? The average satellite RTT is upwards from 600ms (depends on the location) TCP doesn't work too well as the window sizes are kept small due to the delay in receiving ACKs. WAAS combines WAN optimization, acceleration of TCP-based applications, and Cisco's Wide Area File Services (WAFS) in a single appliance or blade. To deliver content effectively, Web browsers typically open several dozen parallel TCP connections ahead of making actual requests. Today, those WAN links are carrying predominantly HTTP and TCP traffic. 5. [Config] Question about Cisco 1812 optimization. The definitive guide to Cisco exterior routing protocols and advanced IP routing issues—now completely updated. It seems now with windows 10 I am getting that same acceleration without a 3rd party software and I am not sure why. Verifying TCP checksums may impact firewall performance. In case the conditions listed above are not met, for example, the information about the AS number does not match, then the router receiving the incorrect ASN will notify its neighbor by sending a NOTIFICATION message and will end the TCP session. Experimental Analysis of Flow Optimization and Data Compression for TCP Enhancement N a g e s w a r aS . But if it’s not available it will still try 7680. If TCP ACK messages are not received, then it causes re-transmission. The objective was to validate the increased levels of service integration with voice, video, security, wireless, mobility and data services. Test TCP/ UDP reliability from all locations to G Suite, to ensure that  Nov 22, 2010 To address this, we'll briefly cover TCP transport optimization later. This document discusses the key functionalities and benefits of VeloCloud Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO) that assures enterprise and cloud application performance over Internet and hybrid WAN. Get an access switch that gets you ready for 802. 3 and later with Cisco MDS FCIP configuration TRex Advanced Stateful (ASTF) mode supports a user space TCP stack for emulating L7 protocols such as HTTP for router firewall testing. When using TCP to transfer data the two most important factors are the TCP window size and the round trip latency. How can I optimize the throughput of a VPN across a WAN based link ? I was recently asked this question the other day by a client, after seeing the results (in which the transfer speeds were nearly tripled) I thought it would make an interesting article. Teridion enables low-cost broadband access to perform like MPLS by connecting the Cisco Meraki edge to our public-cloud based WAN service. e. The conclusion is that a Cisco WAAS solution can help Data Center traffic replication better than a bandwidth upgrade. The creation of virtual servers is another method of server optimization that businesses can utilize to increase network performance. • On hand experience with Cisco and Juniper multiple PE routers that are placed in a huge ISP network such as CISCO 7200, 7600, • On hand experience on different Cisco Catalyst such as Cisco 3560, 3750, • Install and activate customer connections using different medias (Local Loops, fiber, 3G, WIMAX, VSAT …etc. For a user having connectivity issues, look around her system. Window size Mo, TCP being a reliable protocol, implements some congestion control mechanisms. " Create your own profile on TCP optimization NetScaler - Last week, we have largely addressed the TCP profiles and how they help with various application deployment scenarios (/ blogs / 2012/03/22 / air -netscaler-tcp-battery-suit your needs /). Cisco. WAAS is also available in multiple shapes and sizes to scale to an organization's needs. Adding WAN Optimization as a virtual function to your SD-WAN solution couldn’t be easier. 8884-8887 : 8888 : NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1). TCP protocol optimization uses techniques such as TCP SACK support, TCP window scaling and window size adjustment, and TCP connection pooling to remove TCP bottlenecks. If the problems are wireless Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) is a GUI device management tool for Cisco access routers. Cisco, NetQOS Prove WAN Optimization Gains. LAN Switching (CCIE Professional Development) Cisco. Allow only traffic to the application server over the WAN link. This article describes how to do this. 05%. W i n g The TCP Connect operation is also a great alternative to measure response times when ICMP ping is blocked. Link throughput is 64Kb/sec. 11 Professional Wi-Fi site survey, network planning and troubleshooting app if the receiving TCP/IP does not offer maximum window with every acknowledgment packet, i. Free speed tweaks and TCP/IP tools for optimizing system performance. Here are some redirects to popular content migrated from DocWiki. Cisco's NBAR, an inherent component of Cisco IOS comes to your rescue in such a case. TCP/IP Configuration and Optimization. One of the things I'm regularly running into when looking at performance issue with Office 365 customers is a network restricted by TCP Window scaling on the network egress point such as the Proxy used to connect to Office 365. The best known commercial WAN optimization solution providers are Riverbed Technology, Citrix, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Silver Peak, Sangfor, Blue Coat Systems and Array Networks to name a few. Learn how this technology works. TCP speed limits. Introduction A correct and efficient implementation of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a critical part of the software of most Internet hosts. With the broadest portfolio of physical and virtual WAN optimization products, and support for up to 10 gig WAN environments, Silver Peak delivers the most cost-effective WAN optimization for branch offices, data centers, and the cloud. This could create a scale issue in worst case. Cisco Solutions. Use ScienceLogic’s integrated ticketing and asset management or integrate with popular third-party systems like ServiceNow; Use ScienceLogic’s RESTful APIs to share data with third-party CMDB, analytics, and reporting tools, etc. Aug 4, 2010 As we know, TCP is a connection-oriented protocol; both ends of a . Cisco IWAN delivers an uncompromised user experience over any connection, allowing an organization to right-size their network with operational simplicity and lower costs. What does TCP DUP ACK mean? Browse other questions tagged cisco tcp packet-loss transport-protocol or ask your own How to find an internship in OR/Optimization? PSA: Ports used by ESO for network optimization I had some back and forth with support this weekend and thought I would share this info as I hadn't heard about it until now. Whether we like it or not, tying systems together has become the norm. APPNAV - Cisco Implementing and Configuring APPNAV and WAAS v6. There is a value for getsockopt that is supported on some OS that you can use called TCP_MAXSEG which retrieves the maximum TCP segment size (MSS). When a TCP senders start transmitting data, it starts with a small (congestion) window size. Also for: Dpc3939. Installing and Configuring the Virtual Enviroment. Troubleshooting Performance Issues on Switches It is also important for a support engineer to be able to identify and possibly resolve the cause of an observed difference between the expected performance and the actual performance of the network as a whole, and of a specific device such as a LAN switch. Introduction . WAN optimization products provide centralized management of applications and programs that work to overcome the inherent limitations of the TCP/IP Optimization Page 1. , if the TCP/IP does not release the buffer until the destination process has emptied it, which may have an additional delay, and doesn't have extra buffering available, then the round trip time for window buffer allocation may be greater than the round View and Download Cisco DPC3941T user manual online. DPC3941T Gateway pdf manual download. If you are wondering whether TCP can also be a barrier to application performance in LAN environments, the answer is unequivocally "yes. Limits it to 64KB (limited at 65535). Click TCP Optimization–Flows in the left pane to display information about TCP-optimized traffic flows. Introduction to Cisco ASA Andrew Ossipov –Most effective with TCP, UDP, and ICMP –TCP is the main reason for deploying a stateful firewall The Cisco Meraki Dashboard provides centralized management, optimization, and monitoring of Cisco Meraki devices. Maximum achievable throughput for a single TCP connection is determined by different factors. Coupled with TCP optimizations that enable more intelligent and high-performance use of the network, Cisco If I disable the global iSCSI optimization and remove the default iSCSI targets of 860 and 3260, will I need to reboot the switch or are the changes live instantly? Are there any other configuration settings I need to check to be sure the iSCSI optimization is completely disabled? I have Jumbo Frames and Flow Control disabled. Low, Senior Member, IEEE, and John C. Check out the next and final part of the series – HTTP IP SLAs. Dec 19, 2008 If you know the TCP window size and the round trip latency you can . 1, 10, 2012 Server, etc. Par conséquent, une 1. Maximum Segment Size (MSS) is the maximum amount of the TCP data contained within an IP frame. P o o l e ,W i l l i a mR . TCP Settings. Bit errors can create a limitation for the connection as well as RTT. 0 course as part of an official Cisco Networking Academy Program. Where does Akamai use TCP? Akamai uses TCP on edge machines when communicating with clients/end-users. Silverpeak, IIRC, covers just one or two of the use-cases for wan opt. They summarize all of the end-system (computer system) network tuning issues including a tutorial on TCP tuning, easy configuration checks for non-experts, and a repository of operating system specific instructions for getting the best possible network performance on these Some cloud service providers, such as Amazon with its AWS Global Accelerator service, for example, help improve connections to their services, encroaching a bit on the traditional WAN optimization appliance’s turf. 24x4 Wireless Residential Voice Gateway. You can  DynaBoost's accelerated delivery of content and comprehensive TCP optimization in the network ensures the most efficient use of resources. The TCP window is a configurable quantity of data (in KB) that this TTM instance can receive in a single receive buffer. Delivery Optimization always tries to use Teredo, on IPv4 too, but only when Delivery Optimization tries to connect to Internet peers. Posts about TCP/IP optimization written by Irfan Salam. WAAS combines WAN optimization, acceleration of TCP-based applications and Cisco's Wide Area File Services (WAFS) in a single appliance or blade. Ideally, such a WAN optimization Feature List Protocol optimization – can improve the efficiency of traffic that uses the CIFS, FTP, HTTP or MAPI protocol, as well as general TCP traffic. 4. The results from simulations of Remy algorithms (optimized for bandwidth, . PHP & SQL - Simple Optimization for PHP and MySQL; Cisco - Configure SSH2; Cisco - ADSL - Recovering from Shaping; Networking - Documenting Special Use IPv4 Address Cisco - ACL TCP Flags Filtering; Cisco - Cisco AutoSecure Data Sheet; Cisco - ADSL - Determine Attenuation & Distance Fr Cisco - NAT Errors - Static entry in use, cannot r Cisco & Network Support Services. Wanos is Wan Optimization software that provide 80% of the premium benefits at 20% of the costs. " A host with a network interface that offloads a TCP connection is disclosed in which the notification that relatively small data transmit commands have completed is batched whereas the notification that relatively large data transmit commands have completed are not batched. TCP-UDP (ICND1): TCP Seq and Ack Early Access puts eBooks and videos into your hands whilst they’re still being written, so you don’t have to wait to take advantage of new tech and new ideas. 8891 : Desktop Data TCP 3: NESS application. Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. - June 28, 2007 - Cisco® (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced that it has passed another milestone in the rapidly evolving wide area network (WAN) optimization market with the deployment of its 1000th customer. Throughout this document, the Cisco WAN optimization solution will be referred to as either WAAS or Cisco’s WAAS. Cross-Layer Optimization in TCP/IP Networks Jiantao Wang, Student Member, IEEE, Lun Li, Student Member, IEEE, Steven H. 8890 : Desktop Data TCP 2. The advent of fast volume imaging is making that statement truer every year. net - The Broadband Guide. • Traffic Optimization Process. In this solution, you implement the ip tcp adjust mss 1360 command on all WAN facing tunnel interfaces. TCP works with the Internet Protocol ( IP ), which defines how computers send packet s of data to each other. Product Manager at Cisco. The Connection Details page shows you the entire communication stack from one node to another, which makes it a unique TCP monitoring and troubleshooting tool. After sending the configured amount of data, the TTM peer waits for an acknowledgement (ACK) from this TTM instance. Our high-performing network is one of the top 3 in the world with public peering in 23 countries with 1,500 ISPs. Without TCP Window Scaling, so using the default Window size of 64KB, you can only achieve a maximum throughput of 2. DSL Forum CWMP TCP. TCP Optimization - Multiplexing, Connection Pooling Robin James. Each TCP segment has a sequence number which is contained inside a TCP header. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor shows you the most important data about TCP connections, such as latency and packet loss. Network topology diagram with IP address. Technical Cisco content can be found at Cisco Community, Cisco. Dec 19, 2008 Before you call Cisco TAC and start trouble shooting your network, the server in Chicago and New York without any special TCP tuning on  Feb 9, 2010 slow applications. Joe Rubino, RCSP-W, XCSA, XCWT Technical Solutions Architect - SD-WAN (Viptela) at Cisco #SDWAN #Viptela #Cisco Charlotte, North Carolina Area Information Technology and Services Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) is technology developed by Cisco Systems that optimizes the performance of any TCP-based application WAAS combines WAN optimization, acceleration of TCP-based applications, and  Aug 15, 2018 TCP optimization fine-tunes the flow of TCP traffic between service-side devices and vEdge routers. WAN optimization appliances such as Cisco WAAS employ several  Application acceleration improves application performance using techniques like compression, caching and transmission control protocol (TCP) optimization. In the early 2000s, research in both the private and public sectors turned to improving the end-to-end throughput of TCP, and the target of the first proprietary WAN optimization solutions was the Branch WAN. First of all, I -love- that you don't even mention Cisco WAAS. Riverbed delivers digital performance solutions - such as our cloud monitoring SD-WAN solution - that help you reach new levels of performance and gain a competitive edge. Cisco, whose history is as a major provider of networking hardware, refers to its WAN optimization product as Wide Area Application Services (WAAS). In Incapsula Infrastructure Protection, we usually use GRE tunnels. View Rekha Mani’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. The following ACL blocks several illegal combinations of TCP header flags: Router1#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. However achieving rates of the order of Gigabits per second is not straightforward. TCP Optimization Capabilities. It is Cisco's attempt to keep WAN optimization residing firmly in the router, eliminating the need to deploy acceleration appliances throughout the infrastructure. Hi! I need to know if TCP Optimization feature is supported on Cisco DNA Advantage On Premise Lic, 2. Join GitHub today. Such a solution can be deployed with Regarding TCP MSS, hosts will typically use their MTU minus 40 bytes. 18Mbit/sec. Wan Optimization reduce network costs and accelerate network speeds through TCP Acceleration, Compression, Byte-Caching, Packet Loss Recovery, Caching and related techniques. Since launching its Wide Area Applications Services (WAAS) solution in Q. Do not overlook the physical layer when you troubleshoot. Rekha has 1 job listed on their profile. SAN JOSE, Calif. Overview. This strategy overcomes inherent TCP limitations Welcome to the Cisco - TCP/IP & OSI Network Architecture Model course! In this course you will be learning all the important information you need to fully understand TCP/IP and the OSI model which are directly related to your Cisco CCENT/CCNA exam objectives. TCP Optimization for Satellite Environments. TCP Auto-Tuning To turn off the default RWIN auto tuning behavior, (in elevated command prompt) type: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled The default auto-tuning level is "normal", and the possible settings for the above command are: disabled: uses a fixed value for the tcp receive window. Transparent TCP acceleration Sameer Ladiwalaa, Ramaswamy Ramaswamya, Tilman Wolfb,* a Cisco Systems Inc. Ethernet's MTU of 1500 bytes limits the size of packets that traverse it. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Router1(config)#access-list 161 deny tcp any any ack fin psh rst syn urg The network team partnered with their WAN provider and implemented WAN optimization controllers from Cisco – the Cisco WAAS devices have been installed at all vital locations where the centrally hosted SAP applications are delivered. But there are also other, less obvious limits for TCP throughput. So how can you optimize TCP performance? The process of TCP optimization involves the deployment of various techniques to monitor and regulate TCP connections. interface Tunnel0 ip mtu 1400 ip tcp adjust-mss 1360 (c) Cisco Validated Design. Cable modems, DSL, Wireless, Network security. The service is global: branch offices anywhere in world can connect and accelerate through regular broadband. Organized using a logical, hierarchical structure, The TCP/IP Guide uses a personal, easy-going writing style that lets anyone understand the technologies that run the Internet. This performance brief illustrates how Silver Peak software dramatically improves the quality of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and RemoteFX. So far you have learned about subnetting and configuring network systems in address class ranges in an effort to optimize TCP/IP configuration, but some other points should be mentioned as well. TCP Window Scaling allows TCP to scale this before beyond 64KB to a maximum of 1GB. The Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Express feature allows optimization of the WAN bandwidth required to access centrally located applications. Silver Peak’s presentation to the Network Field Day delegates was about their EdgeConnect SD-WAN product. You want to filter on the flag bits in the TCP header. View Robin James’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. When we don’t receive the acknowledgment in time then the sender will re-transmit the data. In fact, Cisco has a whole range of products and solution to address WAN optimization. Optimized TCP Connections and UDP Flows . WAN Architectures and Design Principles 1. The Boson™ NetSim™ Network Simulator™ is an application that simulates Cisco Systems' networking hardware and software and is designed to aid the user in learning the Cisco IOS command structure. Whiteboard Series: The impact of WAN Optimization on TCP Applications Ben Erwin, product manager at NetQoS, quickly explains the impact of WAN Optimization on TCP-based Applications in a short video, kicking off our "Whiteboard Series. • Introducing Cisco Wide Area Application Services • Cisco WAAS Product Architecture • Citrix ICA Optimization • Application Specific Optimization • WAAS Express • Virtual WAAS • Network-embedded Virtualization • Management and WAVE Platforms • Summary “Cisco WAAS is a software and hardware-integrated, cloud-ready WAN optimization and application acceleration solution. The culprit? Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO). TCP uses the following optimization techniques and methods for optimized flow controls. Wouldn’t you like to know how Riverbed SteelHead™ WAN optimization works? In many ways SteelHead is a set-and-forget technology. Enable TCP Optimization. For example, the MTU of Ethernet (by default 1500) is the largest number of bytes that can be carried by an Ethernet frame (excluding the header and trailer). The project was completed, all WOCs operational and configured to optimize all network traffic. Riverbed WAN Optimization Protocol rbt-wanopt 7810. FX-1005E TCP Accelerator WAN Compression Optimization Platform. Figure 4 shows how one TX queue of one TCP flow looks like on the Tx side. If there is a place in the network that we know the MTU is less than the typical 1500, adjusting the TCP MSS is a good idea. Compound TCP, CTCP increases the TCP send window more aggressively for broadband connections (with large RWIN and BDP). Note: The physical layer is also “special” in that it is the only layer that really does not apply specifically to TCP/IP. In our cloud-mobile world, digital performance defines business success. TCP Proxy ensures seamless movement of data across these two TCP split connections. WAN Architectures and Design Principles BRKCRS-2041 2. boost up internet speed by tcp/ip optimization Hii guys , Here is the new trick to increase internet speed . Maybe Wireshark's window scaling graph is Wanos is Wan Optimization software that provide 80% of the premium benefits at 20% of the costs. tcp optimization cisco

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